Buy and Sell Bitcoin with the best rate only 3%

Attention, Until the end of the month of June, exchanges will not be made do to change of the bank !!!

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Buy and Sell Bitcoin with the best rate only 3% – this is Legal Licensed company of electronic currency exchange. We try to hold the best Bitcoin price. With you can buy and sell your Bitcoins only for 3% uses SEPA bank transfer. The clients exchanging below EUR 1,000 in calendar month do not have to pass complicated identification procedure, and thus no one will know your personal data. We exchange EUR, Rubles, Bitcoins at the most beneficial rates. You can view them at the corresponding website page of our currency exchange rates. If you have Bitcoin buy uses fastest and cheapest type bank transfer across Europe — SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). We are receiving and sending payments uses VERSOBANK ESTONIA. For clients who use the same bank, exchange process usually takes 5-10 minutes.

    We do not ask any verification for exchange up to 1000 EUR in calendar month

Attention to customers sending payment from German bank ! Verification by skype is necessary from 1-st EUR. In addition to the above services, we also exchange Bit coin currency. We operate in both directions – here you can both buy and sell bitcoins. Moreover, the Bitcoin exchange direction absolutely does not matter – we always have the most beneficial Bitcoin exchange rate for you. Because the main advantage of is that unlike using the services of the most competitors, you can buy Bitcoin with a minimum fee. It is very easy and profitable to work with us! A truly European service awaits you at If you have any questions remaining, for example on how to buy Bitcoins, our specialists will be very glad to promptly answer them.

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