• This direction of exchange is available for authorized points of sell.
  • Payment is accepted by Paynote EUR stable token.
Exchange rate: 46 657.19 EUR = 1 BTC

max.: 1 500 EUR

max.: 1 500 EUR

max.: 0.032149 BTC

max.: 0.032149 BTC
Including payment systеm fees Bitcoin (0.00006 BTC)
With fees*:

only addresses starting with the number 1 or 3

Personal data

Enter your name as in passport

Enter your surname as in passport

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Exchange Token Paynote EUR to Bitcoin BTC

For exchange you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Enter sum of Euro you Send and systеm will calculate the amount of Bitcoins to be received OR Enter sum of Bitcoins you want to receive and the systеm will automatically calculate the amount of euros to be pay.
  2. Indicate your Bitcoin wallet to get BTC and also fill your personal data
  3. Press the button “Continue”