Affiliate FAQ

Question: How does the affiliate program work ?
Answer: Having registered in our affiliate program, you receive a unique partner identifier, which is added to all your links (? Exbpid = 777) and HTML-code. You can place links of any pages of our service on your website, blog, page, in communities and social networks.  

Question: How will the partner reward be calculated in the exchange of Bitcoin to Bank Euro?
Answer: All partner rewards are calculated in dollars. For example, there was an exchange on affiliate links in the direction of 0.5 BTC => 1000 EUR. The partner interest will be calculated from 1000 euros by current exchange rate to dollars. If curent rate EUR-USD is 1,2 and your partner interes 1%, so you will get 1000*1,2=1200*0.01=12.00 USD

Question: How much will I earn by participating in your affiliate program ?
Answer: It depends on many factors, such as:
1. Attendance of your website or sites where you post information about us.
2. The relevance of the subject matter of the site to the target audience that may be interested in currency exchange services. Simply to say, do not count on a large number of conversions on your affiliate link, posted on the website, dedicated to breeding parrots.
3. Correct submission of information. For example, few people will be not attracted only by the link “exchange of currencies” without any description somewhere in the corner of the web page.

Question: If I put my affiliate link in the signature on the forum, will the exchanges considired and all other conditions of the AP be taken into account ?
Answer: Yes, of course they will.

Question: Other affiliate programs are already installed on my site. Can I be your partner?
Answer: Yes, you can. We do not have restrictions on working with other partner programs.

Question: Is my site suitable for participation in the affiliate program?
Answer: We welcome any sites that do not contradict the terms of our affiliate program. You can see the list of conditions here item 6.

Question: How many levels in your affiliate program? For attracting of new partners will be paid ?
Answer: There are 6 levels in our affiliate program. Attraction of new partners is not paid.

Question: How are the earned money will be paid?
Answer: Affiliate payments are made through the Bitcoin or SEPA Bank transfer to the details specified by the partner account. Usually this takes no more than 2-3 hours. Do not rush to send messages to us if the application has not passed 48 hours since the was submitted – the administrator sees all the applications and processes yours in any case.

We are working with Ethereum SEPA