Parties to the Agreement:

Aardo LTD, registration No. 12419276, a company registered in the Republic of Estonia and operating by virtue of licence No. FIA000051, hereinafter referred to as the “Agent”, of the one part, and Any individual who agrees with the terms and conditions of the agreement and will take compulsory actions stipulated herein, which mean execution of the agreement, hereinafter the “Customer”, of the other part, have agreed as follows:

  1. Scope

1.1. The Customer shall assign, and the Agent shall take legal and actual actions for remuneration, on his/her own behalf and at the Customer’s expense, to transfer the Customer from third persons and receive for third persons from the Customer the rights to use and exchange alternative payments instruments.

  1. Rule of the Form and Value of the Agreement

2.1. The amount to be exchanged which is sent by the Customer to the Agent shall mean full and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions hereof.

2.2. The received amount is recognised to be the value of the agreement that includes the Agent’s fees.

2.3. The agreement is deemed entered into upon receipt of the value of the agreement from the Customer by the Agent.

2.4. The agreement is assigned the number which corresponds to the order’s number. The effective date of the agreement is the date when the value of the agreement is transferred from the Customer to the Agent.

  1. Exchange Conditions, Rules and Procedure

3.1. Exchange between national currency units and alternative payment instruments is performed at the exchange rate as of the time the Customer makes an order. Consequently, the Customer confirms his/her consent to exchange a certain amount at the established exchanged rate as of the time of the order.

3.2. The exchange rate is established by the Agent. The exchange rate may be changed an unlimited number of times during the day without prior notification of the Customer. The exchange rate is specified at

  1. Terms of the Agreement

4.1. The agreement enters into force upon being signed in accordance with Clause 2 and is effective until the Agent fulfils its obligations hereunder.

4.2. If a respective exchange transaction cannot be performed for certain reasons, the Agent notifies the Customer thereof in electronic form and makes a refund.

  1. Identification

5.1 When the Customer exchanges more than EUR 1,000 per calendar month, in accordance with the laws of Estonia the Customer shall furnish a digitally signed copy of an identification document and statement of his/her intention to make an exchange.

  1. Special Provisions

6.1. The Agent may demand from the Customer to confirm the payment.

6.2. The Customer shall furnish his/her identification documents (a copy of the passport, driving licence…) both before and after the transaction upon the Agent’s first request.

6.3. In case the Customer’s payment is received in breach of the terms and conditions hereof or there are other substantiated doubts as to the validity of the payment received, the Agent may make a refund less payment system or bank fees.

  1. Withdrawal from the Agreement

7.1. The Agent may refuse to provide exchange services to the Customer without giving reasons.

  1. Liability of the Parties or Dispute Resolution

8.1. The Agent is not liable for actions of banks, payment systems and delays related to their operation.

8.2. Any disputes between the parties to the agreement are settled as prescribed by the regulatory acts of the Republic of Estonia.

  1. Taxes

9.1. When using the Agent’s services, the Customer shall be liable for payment of taxes, if any.

  1. Limits

10.1. It is possible to exchange up to 1,000 euros per calendar month without verification.
After passing the verification it is possible to exchange up to 5,000 euros per month.
For the exchange of more than 5,000 euros per month the terms negotiated separately.

10.2. Aardo LTD reserve the right to request a verification for exchanges up to 1000 euros per month.

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