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LibreCash is a stablecoin tied to a one-to-one dollar rate, with transparent proof-of-reserve backing, smart contracts, and DAO.
Main features
– Stable, constant rate. 1 LibreCash = 1 USD.
– Emission and destruction based on the​proof-of-reserve concept of the pledge of Ethereum via smart contracts.
– Users can check the backing of LibreCash tokens​ emitted in the DAO’s reserve fund at any time.

Application of LibreCash
– Predictable storage and accumulation of funds without withdrawal to fiat.
– Insurance of exchange-rate risks for the period of withdrawal from volatile assets.
– Contract conclusion.
– Online and offline payments for goods and services.
– Retail and business credits.
– Any other use cases similar to those with fiat currencies.
Users opinions you can find here

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