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In order to sell cryptocurrency with bank transfer, you need to go through 3 steps:

1. Registration;

2. Verification;

3. Opening an order.


1. Registration.

In the upper right corner sеlect “sign up” and enter your data’s


2. Verification.

After you log in to your account in the right column, click on “go to verification” and upload photos of documents as described on this page.


3. Opening an order.

For example, you want to sell bitcoin and receive a bank transfer.

On the main page, in the left column “YOU GIVE”, click on the currency you want to give in our case, it is Bitcoin (arrow A), and in the right column “YOU GET”, click on the currency you want to receive ie Bank EURO, (arrow B)


3.1 You will be taken to the next page.

  • At the top (arrow 1), indicated exchange deadlines.
  • In the column indicated by arrow 2, you can input the amount of bitcoin you want to sell, and the systеm will automatically calculate the amount of euros to be received.
  • In the column indicated by arrow 3, you can enter the amount of euros you want to receive, and the systеm will automatically calculate the amount of Bitcoins to be paid.
  • In the box indicated by arrow 4, enter the IBAN account number to which you want to receive the bank transfer. Fill in your personal details and click “EXCHANGE”



3.2 On the next page, the systеm offers to double-check all the exchange data, read and mark that you accept the conditions, and click the “Create order” button.


3.3 At the next step, a page will open the bitcoin wallet and amount BTC to pay. You can send bitcoins yourself or provide this wallet to your partner who will transfer bitcoins. After the bitcoins are sent, click the “PAID” button.

3.4 After the 3-rd network confirmation, the operator will perform a bank transfer to the details specified in the application and you will receive a notification by e-mail.