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Selecting the Cryptocurrency:

On the main screen of the ATM, choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange for cash. For example, click on Litecoin.

choose a cryptocurrency

Choosing the Operation:

On the next screen, sеlect the “Sell” operation.

sell cryptocurrency for cash

Selecting the Exchange Amount:

Choose the exchange amount, less than 990 or more than 990. In this case, choose the smaller amount.

Level of amount

Authentication via Phone Number:

When prompted to enter a phone number, click “Agree.”

Enter your phone number with the country code.

indicate your phone number

Receiving a One-Time code:

Enter the code received in the SMS message to your phone.

enter the code from SMS

Entering the Exchange Amount:

Enter the amount you want to receive in cash (for example, 20 euros) and click “Sell”.

Receiving the Receipt:

Receive the receipt in the form of a QR code with the wallet number to which you need to send the specified amount of Litecoin. Save the receipt; you’ll need it to withdraw cash.

pick up a receipt using your wallet number

Sending Cryptocurrency:

Send the specified amount of Litecoin to the address provided in the receipt, either from your phone or by sending a photo of the receipt to your partner.

send cryptocurrency

Waiting for Transaction Confirmation:

Wait for the SMS notification confirming the completion of the transaction after reaching the required number of confirmations on the blockchain. This usually takes up to 30 minutes.


Withdrawing Cash:

Approach the ATM, sеlect the same cryptocurrency the “Redeem Ticket” operation.

withdraw cash

Scan the QR code on the receipt using the ATM scanner.

scan the receipt

Receiving Cash:

The ATM will dispense cash according to the specified amount in the exchange transaction.

take cash

Your cryptocurrency-to-cash transaction is now successfully completed. This method allows you to receive cash from your partner from anywhere in the world. Simply request them to send the cryptocurrency to the specified address in the receipt, and you’ll instantly receive the equivalent amount in cash.

It’s a hassle-free way to convert your digital assets into tangible funds, making it convenient for you and your partner, regardless of locations.



The Paynote.eu ATM is located in the Gran Vía shopping center in the city of Alicante.