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In this tutorial, we will show you how to buy bitcoins with cash from an ATM.

1. On the initial screen, sеlect the cryptocurrency. For example, bitcoin.

2. In this step, choose to buy

3. Here we have two options, if we choose an amount to enter between 10 euros and 990 euros, it will ask you to indicate a telephone number that will receive a unique code.

If we choose more than 990, then it will ask you to scan your document. We chose between 10 euros and 990 euros.

4. Press I agree

5. Enter your phone number in international format. Be careful, only phone numbers from the European uniоn are accepted

6. Enter the code you received by SMS

7. Now you have to scan the QR code of the wallet to which you want to receive bitcoins.

8. insеrt the euro banknotes one by one. For example, we enter 20 euros

9. The screen shows the amount of euros that we enter and the amount of bitcoins to receive. After you have finished entering banknotes, click on the BUY button

10. The bitcoins have been sent, the transaction is complete.

The crypto ATM is located in the shopping center Gran via, Alicante city

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31.03.2023, 13:46