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Internal account

What is an internal account for?


For example, you want to buy Bitcoin by paying from a bank account. You will open an order to exchange in direction Bank EUR -> Bitcoin BTC at the exchange rate of 5,000 euros per coin, but as long as the bank transfer arrives, the exchange rate may drop to 4,500 euros per coin, so at the time you receive your bitcoin its market value will already be cheaper.

This can be resolved using an internal account. You open an order for the Bank EUR -> Internal EUR and after receiving the payment you will be credited to the internal account with the amount in euros, which you can instantly exchange for bitcoin by current rate at any time, opening the order Internal EUR -> Bitcoin BTC


For traders who work in the cryptocurrency market and open many orders, it is not necessary to conduct each transaction through a bank account, you can instantly buy or sell bitcoin using the funds in the internal account by opening orders Internal EUR -> Internal BTC or Internal BTC -> Internal EUR.

At any time, you can withdraw funds from an internal account to a bank or any wallet by opening an order in the appropriate direction. For instance.

Withdrawing euro from an internal account to a bank account: direction of exchange Internal EUR -> Bank EUR
Withdrawing Euros from an internal account to any Bitcoin wallet: Internal EUR -> Bitcoin BTC
Withdrawal of bitcoin from an internal account to a bank account: Internal BTC -> Bank EUR

The balances of internal accounts are displayed in the internal account section.

Attention: using the internal account, for security purposes, it is recommended to enable “Notification upon authentication (E-mail)” and “Two-factor authentication by pin-code (E-mail)” in the security settings section of your account.

This video shows how to use your internal account.