We will receive payment instantly from following banks:

✔ SEB Bank Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
✔ LHV Bank Estonia
✔ Op corporate bank PLC Finland
✔ N26, Revolut, Paysera, Wise
✔ Any EU banks uses SEPA instant transfer
✔ Other EU banks payment will be received to the next day.

We will send your funds within 10 minutes after receiving payment.

Exchange rate: 1 EUR = 1 EUR

min.: 5 EUR max.: 2 010 EUR


min.: 5 EUR max.: 2 010 EUR

User data

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Top up balance Internal EUR from a bank account

For exchange you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Enter sum of euro you send and systеm will calculate the amount of euro to be received to internal account; OR enter sum of eur you receive to internal account and the systеm will automatically calculate the amount of euros to be pay.
  2. Press the button “Continue”