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Prison sentence for mining Mining ban in Africa

A resident of Krasnoyarsk faces up to 2 years in prison for illegal cryptocurrency mining

A resident of Krasnoyarsk was engaged in illegal earnings for 4 years. By installing ASIC miners and connecting cables to communal meters, he stole electricity from residents for mining.

One of the residents of the house contacted the police with a claim about illegal mining in their entrance. Due to the presence of a powerful hood, the farm was discovered. To catch the offender, law enforcement officers came up with a cunning plan. Due to the fact that he lived in another place, a call was made complaining that he was drowning his neighbors right now. When the would-be entrepreneur arrived at the scene, he was immediately caught red-handed.

It has been established that the common household debt for electricity is at least 870 thousand rubles. All residents are responsible for a portion of this amount, since these losses belong to the management company.

The owner of the farm faces a criminal sentence of 2 years. A case has been opened under the article “Causing major property damage by deception.”

It is noteworthy that this particular apartment has already become the scene of a similar crime, which ended even more pitifully. Three years ago, the owner also illegally mined crypto and cooled the systеm by simply opening a window. With the onset of cold weather, the water in the radiators froze, and they burst, flooding the lower floors. It was then that the scheme was revealed.

Mining may be banned in Africa due to high electricity consumption

The government of African Angola has supported a draft law to completely ban mining in the country. This is explained by the need to protect the country’s energy systеm.

The head of the Ministry of Finance of Angola said that the country receives most of its electricity from renewable sources. Therefore, the government considers it necessary to prohibit the illegal waste of electricity resources.

Local miners did not appreciate this innovation and called for them to keep up with the times and regulate cryptocurrency mining, instead of banning it completely. Miners are convinced that this law will only result in the state losing tax revenues to the budget from those involved in issuing cryptocurrency.