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Estonia – The best country for activities in the cryptosphere.


According to the Doing Crypto Index study, Estonia is recognized as the best country for business in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Estonian authorities perceive both Bitcoin and the blockchain technology as a whole very friendly and consider this area one of the directions of the country’s development.

We also note that Estonia is one of the first countries to adopt additional amendments to prevent money laundering using cryptocurrencies (mainly this happens with the help of Bitcoin and Ethereum).

And of course, it should be noted that in Estonia you can quite quickly open a business and easily manage it from a legal point of view, this is achieved by creating services such as electronic residence and electronic notary.

The country’s assessment was carried out by examining the political criterion, the government’s attitude to the introduction of new technologies, researching the legislative framework and infrastructure for doing this kind of business.

Australia took second place in the ranking, and Singapore took third.

I also want to add that in Estonia it is not only possible to conduct a crypto business without special difficulties, but it is also possible to easily buy Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as sell it.

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31.03.2023, 14:06