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The European uniоn is tightening requirements for banks in the field of crypto investments.

European banks owning cryptocurrencies will be required to comply with strict regulations for securing cryptocurrencies.
Legislators of the parliament came to a similar conclusion during the voting.
This amendment assumes an increased risk factor of 1250%, which will apply exclusively to crypto assets.

Another amendment obliges the European Commission to “examine the need for a special prudential regime for crypto assets.” Parliamentarians referred to the “significant differences” of digital currencies from traditional financial instruments, which could become an obstacle to the application of current rules to them.

In January, experts from the Bank for International Settlements presented recommendations on the regulatory policy for responding to the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. Experts suggested applying and alternating three options: ban, isolation and implementation of existing norms.

This is due to the fact that whatever one may say, cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments.

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