Hello dear readers, today in this article we will analyze what you should pay attention to when interacting with currency exchangers that allow you to buy cryptocurrency, and how not to run into scammers.

Immediately pay attention to the service site!

1) It’s worth paying attention to the domain and hosting right away – not a single currency exchanger will use free solutions for its service, and there are also various sites that can check the date of registration of a domain.

2) Be sure to have all relevant certificates on the site confirming that the currency exchange campaign is working officially. If there are no such certificates or any other confirmations, make a conclusion yourself!

3) Also, the site of the existing exchanger should have links to accounts in different payment systems, as a rule, the rating of these accounts is quite high.

How, after all, is not to get into a fake currency exchanger?

The exchange of any electronic means, whether it is the exchange of the dollar in euros or bitcoin in euros, it is always better to conduct through the same proven service.

Yes, it’s logical, to begin with, you should find it, the services for monitoring all exchangers will help us with this. On such a platform you can not only see a huge number of verified currency exchange services, but also sort each one according to the exchange rate and choose the most profitable one.

But, I want to warn you right away that if a service offers to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrency at a low price, it’s not worth it, a very favorable rate, as a rule, leads to scammers.

What to do if you still sent money to scammers?

1) If you find a scammer on monitoring exchangers, write to the administration of this monitoring, most likely they will return the money to you.

2) Also, in the first 30-60 minutes after sending, you can write to the administration in the payment system through which you transferred funds and if you contact at the time, the transaction will be blocked and fraudsters will be left with nothing.

You can buy bitcoin quickly and safely, just stick to our tips and then your money will survive in the insidious wilds of the Internet!