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SIM sweepers stole $ 45 million from BTC trader in Bitcoin.


Recently, a Reddit user “” Zhoujianfu “” reported that about 100,000 BCH and 1,550 Bitcoins were stolen from him. The total loss amounted to just over $ 45 million.

The transaction user has confirmed that he is truly the owner of these wallets.

In his opinion, he became affected by the actions of cybercriminals who replaced his SIM card and passed two factor authentication.

Primitive Ventures managing partner Dovi Wang also noted that funds can only be returned to the victim through hard fork. According to her, the attackers are already splitting the withdrawn amounts in order to complicate their tracking.

So, friends, so as not to get caught by scammers, we recommend that you buy cryptocurrency only from trusted sources and keep large amounts only on “cold” wallets!

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31.03.2023, 14:15